International Center for Health Outcomes and Innovation Research


Clinical trials center

Informatics Group

Large health-dataset analytical unit

Cost-effectiveness analytical unit

Health policy analytical unit

Governance and Management Structure


Program Mission:

The Center's vision is to improve health by advancing the science of clinical evaluative research and facilitating medical innovation through evidence-based science policy.

The Center's mission is to:

Improve healthcare through the measurement of meaningful outcomes of medical treatment and scholarly analysis of medical innovation.

The Center's research objectives are:

  • To conduct clinical evaluative research, emphasizing randomized clinical trials that evaluate standard and innovative surgical therapies and medical devices
  • To develop new analytical methods for evaluating medical treatments
  • To conduct quality of care studies that focus on medical error reduction
  • Advance innovation in medicine by creating a better understanding of how new interventions emerge and are incorporated into clinical practice;
  • Investigate the health policy implications of our research findings;
  • Educate new investigators in health services research; and
  • Strengthen and expand high quality, interdisciplinary clinical evaluative and policy research at the Health Sciences Campus of Columbia University and New York-Presbyterian Hospital.


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